The process of creating a guild and having it displayed on the map is fairly simple but just incase you're struggling with it, the process will be fully explain below.


Start by navigating to your profile menu. You can find this menu by clicking on your name at the top of the navigation bar.


The first input box is for your guild name that will be displayed on the map.
The second part is where you upload your guild banner. If you don't have a guild banner, you can use a temporary one until you have your own banner to use. The banner can always be changed later by going to the management tab for your guild.
The third part is a list that lets you choose between Alliance or Horde. Your guild pin will be displayed with the relevant faction color on the map. (Blue/Red)


Did you make it to the next page? Congratulations - you did it!
This is the page that allows you to edit all relevant information about your guild. This page can be accessed whenever you want to make an edit to your guild. It can be found on the same profile menu as before.

[Change Banner]: Are you tired of your temporary banner or are you simply ready to freshen it up a bit? Click here to change the banner with a couple of clicks.
[Disband Guild]: Did your guild disband? Click on this to remove it from the map.
[Change Text]: This is where you will be adding information about your guild for others to read.
[Change Location]: Probably the most important button of them all. When you click on this button, a list of regions will be displayed (Kalimdor, Northrend etc). After selecting the region you want to place the guild pin in, a new list will popup. This is where you can select more specific places like Elwynn Forest, Orgrimmar and so on.
If you want to visit the location where your guild pin is, click on the location text that is located above the [Change Location] button.
[Change Active Time]: This makes it a little easier for players to know when you are most likely to roleplay at your guild pin location.


After navigating to your guild pin location, you now have an option to move the pin. Simply press on the CLICK HERE button at the top of the map and drag&drop the guild pin where you would like to place it, preferably not over someone elses guild pin. Then click on the button again to save the new position on the map.

As you can now see, all the details you added before are now visible to everyone who comes to visit this location.


Events was added to make it easier to gather people and advertise your events. The work similar to how guild pins work so it is not too complicated.


Start by navigating to one of the regions on the map (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms etc). In the top-right corner you will find a circle. This is where events in this region are listed. If there is nothing appearing when you click on the circle, there simply are no events in this region.
We want to add our own event now so, click on the [ADD EVENT] button!

This form works pretty much the same way as the one for making a guild does, the only difference is that you can NOT edit your event info after you've created it. You will only be able to move the event pin.

[Event Name]: The name of the event, basic.
[Details]: This is where you can provide information about your event for others to read. This cannot be edited after the event is created.
[Map Banner]: You have three options: Alliance, Neutral or Horde. Neutral banners would most likely be for events that includes both factions, but do as you please.
[Event Starts]: The time that will be displayed as the start time on the map.
[Event Ends]: When you think that the event will be over. The event banner will be removed automatically at the date & time that you select.
[Location]: Select the location where you want the event to take place.

So far so good, now go to the location where you placed the banner. You can simply move it by clicking on the button at the top of the map. If you are unable to see the button, you're most likely at the wrong location.


Something that is a common occurance is that the map gets cluttered with a bunch of guilds that are no longer active, therefore, a system was added to prevent this.
The system places the guilds in 3 different states: Active, Waiting Active Confirmation and In-active.

[Active]: The guild is active and is good to go!
[Waiting Active Confirmation]: The Guild Master needs to confirm that their guild is active by visiting the management page for the guild.
[In-active]: The guild is no longer displayed on the map and cannot be managed anymore. It can be restored if you contact us as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to make a new one.